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Intern Company 招聘公司:滴滴出行 DiDiChuXing

Job Title 职位名称:Intern

Location 工作地点:Beijing

Department 部门:Mobile Technology 终端技术部

Responsibilities 职责:
 Participate in the development of mobile application

 Assist in the project of Didi’s globalization

Qualifications 任职要求
 Undergraduate or postgraduate students with background in computer;
 Master at least one programming language. Candidates with IOS software development knowledge/experience preferred;
 Fluent English and good Mandarin;
 Strong logic and have passion about technology. Candidates with independently developed apps are preferred.

Onboarding Time 入职时间:Now

Duration 实习时长:3 months and above. 3-4 days a week.

What Can This Internship Bring to You? 该实习能为你带来什么?

As an intern, you'll participate in challenging core projects of Didi by working with top notch scientists and engineers. Any function that you develop will serve hundreds of millions of users globally.

请有意者将简历发送至 Please send CV to