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International Student of Beihang University Shines in London Conference

2016-09-14  Share:

Farkhanda Afzal, a Pakistani student of School of Mathematics and Systems Science was sponsored by International School of Beihang University to present his research paper in 7thInternational Conference of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE) held at London, United Kingdom from July 18thto 22th, 2016. There were more than 100 papers from researchers all over the world. The title of Farkhanda Afzal’s paper was “Some Application of Generalized Characteristic Sets for Ordinary Differential Polynomial Sets”. In this paper the author has described the practical applications of her designed algorithms for Generalized Characteristic Sets which are significant tools for polynomial system solving that has several applications in Control Theory, Cryptology, Signal Processing, Stability Analysis, Image Processing and Geometric Theorem Proving. After the Conference the Chairperson and the Board of Directors of ICMAE 2016 declaredFarkhanda Afzal’s Presentation as best one of the Conference.