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Winners List of “China Impression Beihang Impression” 2015 Photo Competition

2015-12-10  Share:

According to the review of expert’s group the result of Photo Competition are published here(Seeing the winners List for details).  The relevant matters are informed as follows :

1. The bonus of First, Second and Third Prize winners sponsored by CSC will be delivered to you through your account before 31 January, 2016.  The other winners are asked to provide the documents below before 15 Dec.,2015 to receive the award:
(a) Copy of Passport   (b) Personal Information of ICBC( Bank)

2. The winner of First, Second, Third Prize or Excellent Work will receive an Award Diploma in room 212 of International School on 23 or 24 Dec., 2015 at 14:30 to 16:30 by showing ID card.

3. The Photographer of Excellent Work will be awarded a Souvenir with BUAA’s Logo. Please take it in room 212 of International School on 23 or 24 Dec., 2015 at 14:30 to 16:30by showing your ID card.

4. The Exhibition of Excellent Works in the Competition will be staged at International School Building and by the website of International School to celebrate the New Year 2016.

The Photo competition has received over 200 works from students and teachers. International School greatly appreciates all participants and the supports to make the competition a great success.

International School of BUAA
10 Dec., 2015

Winners List of Teacher Group
First Prize
雪映长城 Photographer: Su li

Second Prize
1.校园荷花Photographer: Xiong Ying
2.后海月色Photographer: Yang Xue

Third Prize
1.冰花 Photographer: Wang Tongwen
2.春意盎然 Photographer: Liu Xiaochun
3.繁花似锦 Photographer: Hu Fanxia
4. 国色天香 Photographer: Sun Yan
5.练功夫 Photographer: Bai Wei
6.暮色 Photographer: Shi yongli
7.校园蓝天 Photographer: Du Pengcheng

Excellent Works
1.校园朝阳 Photographer: XiongYing
2.大手笔 Photographer: Liu Xiaochun
3.蝶恋花Photographer: Sun yan
4.历经沧桑 Photographer: Du Pengcheng
5.闲暇时光 Photographer: Yang Xue
6.秋到校园 Photographer: Sun Yan

Winners List of Students Group
First Prize
1.SUNSET OF XUANWU LAKE Photographer:Shah Haider
2.Great Wall Photographer:Harem Ali Hassan

Second Prize
1.Reflection of Three Pagodas Photographer:MalvinWiryadhi
2. Buoyant Life Photographer:Kamran Ali shah
3. Old Man Photographer:Jan ?ech
4. Golden Time Photographer: Ali mohseni

Third Prize
1. Beauty Photographer: GUCLU HALIL EMRULLAH
2. Night-View of National Theater Photographer: Guillermo Gago Gonzalez
3. Miles of the incredible sights Photographer: Eunice Tobias
4. Stone Forest Photographer: Marco Cabero
5. Bird’s Nest Photographer: Jesus Garcia Esteban
6. Mosuo Dance Photographer: Ali Arshad
7. Tai Chi Master Photographer: AravindaGayan
8. Dawn Photographer: NGUYEN TUAN HUNG

Excellent Works
1. Desert Vibes Photographer: Kevin Horax
2. Vogue Girl Photographer: GUCLU HALIL EMRULLAH
3. Great Wallagainst Red Leafs Photographer: kidistnigirukibret
4. Friendship Photographer:Farooq Umar
5. a Boy Photographer: Guillermo Gago Gonzalez
6. Great Wall of Simatai Photographer:Hamidullah
7. Untitle Photographer: Jesus Garcia Esteban
8. Tri-Pagoda Photographer: Ali Arshad
9. Terracotta Warriors Photographer: AravindaGayan
10. Fly above the Sea Photographer:RaziyeBahrami
11. Lessons by the Master Photographer:MahyarNaderi
12. Choral Group Photographer: Sara Pourdaraei
13. 什刹海船歌Photographer: 申珠爱
14. Night-view of Pudong Photographer: ALBERTO OLANO GARCÍA
15. Autumn in Beijing Photographer: Doan Bao Ngoc
16. Wild West of China Photographer: Jan ?ech
17. Snowfall Photographer: NGUYEN QUANG TUAN