Why Beihang

In after-class time, the international students can enjoy their rich and colorful extracurricular life. Beihang regularly holds competitions on science and technology, such as Fengru Cup and Challenger Cup, organizes all kinds of large-scale sports games of football, basketball and so on, and makes arrangements to visit famous historical and cultural sites and beautiful natural scenery, to experience Chinese culture, and to carry out the cultural exchange activities.

Beihang has various students’ associations in cultural, sports and public service. Beihang International Students Union, made up by international students, serves international students with their daily life and study, holds varied exchange activities for Chinese and international students. Beihang Students International Cultural Festival and Beihang Carnival Celebration are important holidays and happy gatherings for Chinese and international students. Through the rich and colorful extracurricular activities, students create and enjoy the harmonious, friendly, peaceful and international campus environment.