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The Chinese Language Training Center of Beihang University (CLTC) was established in 1994 and is associated with the International Relations Department of Beihang University(BUAA).CLTC is noted for its excellent and experienced teachers and staff, and boasts modern multi media teaching facilities for students. CLTC provides students with various training programs. It offers a variety of language training courses for learners with different levels of Chinese and many special courses, such as an elementary scientific Chinese course for science and engineering students.In order to promote well-understanding of Chinese culture, history, society and tradition for students, CLTC offers a lot of interesting and colorful activities such as linguistic practice, visiting scenic spots, trip outside of Beijing and so on. Several thousands of international students, coming from all over the world, such as Korea, the U.S.A, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, France, Germany etc., have graduated from CLTC since 1994. A great number of students have achieved excellent results and won the qualification to study in China for further education.

As one of Host Institutes for International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, Beihang warmly welcome students from all over the world to study here!

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BUAA 2024 Chinese program

The Chinese Language Training Center of Beihang University will offer many Chinese courses from March to December in 2024,and welcome Chinese learners to join it.

Target Audience

Anyone between 18-60 years old and interested in Chinese can sign up for the program

Teaching Arrangement

1、Spring semesterin 2024Mar 4th—Jun 28th


General Chinese





Elementary A


Comprehensive Chinese/Speaking/Listening

Elementary B

600    HSK2-3

Comprehensive Chinese/Speaking/Listening

Intermediate A

1200   HSK3-4

Comprehensive Chinese/Speaking/Listening

Intermediate B

2000   HSK4

Comprehensive Chinese/Speaking/Listening/Newspaper Reading

Intermediate C

2500   HSK5

Comprehensive Chinese/Speaking/Listening/Newspaper Reading


3500   HSK5-6

Comprehensive Chinese/ Audiovisual-speaking/Newspaper Reading/Writing

20 hrs/week   class size Over 5 students/group   course selection and late enrollmen are acceptable

Special Curriculum





HSK Prep

Level 3

600 words

24 hrs/6 weeks

Listening, reading, writing special training and mock test

16 hrs/4 weeks

Level 4

1200 words

24 hrs/6 weeks

Listening, reading, writing special training and mock test

16 hrs/4 weeks

Level 5

2500 words

24 hrs/6 weeks

Listening, reading, writing special training and mock test

16 hrs/4 weeks

Elementary Scientific Chinese

HSK Level 5

64 hrs/semester

The content covers mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer and other disciplines, and strengthens the basic knowledge of scientific and technological Chinese. Through listening, speaking, reading and writing training, students will improve their comprehensive ability of scientific Chinese.

A Course In Chinese Idiomatic Phrases

HSK Level 5

16 hrs/8 weeks

The material covers selected colloquial expressions and sentence patterns, so that students can use them properly to communicate and better understand Chinese language and culture.

The Culture of Chinese Characters

HSK Level 5

10 hrs/5 weeks

Introduce the basic knowledge of Chinese characters and related Chinese cultural content. improve the ability of recognition, writing and application of Chinese characters.

Overview of China

HSK Level 5

32 hrs/semester

Briefly introduce China's geography, festivals, history, economy, national system and important policies to help students better understand China.                                      

Selected Readings of Modern & Contemporary
Chinese Literature

HSK Level 5

48 hrs/semester

By studying the most famous works of prestigious writers in the history of modern and contemporary Chinese literature, we can cultivate students' ability to understand, comment on and appreciate the classic original works.

Appreciation of  Ancient Chinese Poetry

HSK Level 5

16 hrs/8 weeks

A brief introduction to the development of Chinese poetry, with emphasis on the introduction of several representative poems from Tang and Song Dynasty, to help students understand the Chinese poetry culture.

Chinese folklore culture

HSK Level 5

16 hrs/8 weeks

Introduce Chinese folk customs and related culture to students including Chinese festivals, etiquette, clothing, diet, architecture, craft, belief and entertainment, so that students can have a comprehensive understanding of local Chinese folk customs, culture and people's life, as well as the history behind them.

All courses can be customized accordingly and delivered on a flexible schedule. Please contact us to get more information about customized courses.

3、Class timesfrom Monday to Friday


1. Apply online via

2. Pay the registration fee 400 yuan

3. The school will issue admission notice and JW201 or JW202 form for students who have successfully registered

4. Students apply for visas

5.Award of the Certificate: At the end of your studies, all qualified students will get their electronic report card and certificate. Each student can obtain proof of study in BUAA.

Tuition Fees

9000 RMB/semester (General Chinese Curriculum)

70 RMB/hour (Special Curriculum)

If you are in China, please transfer payment to the following account:





收款行Beneficiary bank


If you are not in China, please transfer payment to the following account:

Financial account number


Beneficiary Name



Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Beijing Branch, Dongsheng Road Sub-Branch.




Application deadline: Jan 12th,2024


Apply online at

Contact Information

Contact:Ms WEI Yangxiu

Tel: 0086-10-82316390 0086-10-82317686,

Address: Room 213,International Relations Department, Beihang University

No. 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191, P.R. China

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