Why Beihang

National Key University

Beihang University, established in 1952, is the first university focusing on aeronautics and astronautics in China. Since its establishment, Beihang has always been one of the key universities in China. In 2017, Beihang University was selected in the national “Double First-Class” initiative. With the motto of "Integrate Virtue with Brilliance and Combine Knowledge with Practice”, Beihang is committed to cultivating first-class talents. Over the past 70 years since its founding, Beihang has become one of leading, world-renowned comprehensive research universities in China.

Advantageous Disciplines & Distinctive Features

With the development principle of "top engineering, first-class science, high-quality liberal arts, and advantageous medical engineering", Beihang University covers 10 disciplines: engineering, science, management, liberal arts, law, economy, philosophy, education, medicine, and interdisciplinary, among which 8 disciplines are selected as “Double First-class” disciplines, having leading advantages in the fields of aerospace science and technology, instrumentation, materials, software, control, computer, mechanics, transportation, management, biomedical, etc.

Leading Research Strength

Beihang University has been aiming at international forefront of academics, actively building top-level innovation platforms and first-class scientific research teams. Since 2004, Beihang has won 15 first prizes of national scientific and technological awards and three second prizes of national natural science, creating a record of a university consecutively winning national high-level scientific and technological awards, which has been regarded as the "Beihang Model" of scientific and technological innovation by the society.

Distinguished Faculty and Professors

Adhering to the principle that talent is the first resource, Beihang University vigorously introduces outstanding talents from overseas. Among the full-time teachers, 79.1% have senior titles, 86.5% have doctoral degrees. There are 30 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a large number of experts and scholars with profound attainments.

Global Orientation and Cooperation

In its development agenda, Beihang University has long made global networking a priority. It has developed the UPS Global Engagement Plan, which aims to encourage cooperation globally at three levels: university to university, professor to professor and student to student. Beihang has continuously expanded and deepened the exchanges and cooperation with famous universities, first-class research institutions, well-known multinational corporations and international organizations worldwide. It welcomes guest professors from all over the world with open arms and attracts outstanding students globally. The scale and the quality of international students, and the level of international education have entered the forefront of Chinese universities.

Full English Teaching Programs

Beihang University has always dedicated to English teaching in postgraduate and undergraduate programs. At present, the university offers more than 50 majors taught in English for postgraduate students, 4 majors taught in English for undergraduates, and nearly 300 courses taught in English.

Characteristic Chinese Language Training Programs

With advanced multimedia teaching facilities and a team of experienced teachers, the Chinese Language Training Center provides diversified Chinese language and cultural training programs according to the different needs of international students, offering a variety of basic Chinese language courses and thematic courses with special characteristics.

Various International Student Scholarships and Rewards

Beihang University has a rich and complementary scholarships and awards system for international students, including Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship, Beijing Government Foreign Students Scholarship and Beihang University Foreign Students Scholarship, and many other scholarships and awards for outstanding students, with the aim to encourage and support more outstanding international students to study at Beihang.

Beautiful and Convenient Campus

Beihang University has Xueyuan Road Campus, Shahe Campus and Hangzhou International Campus, covering a total area of more than 260 hectares.The garden-style campus with the beautiful and quiet environment has won the title of "Top Ten Beautiful Campus" of Beijing Universities. It is an ideal place for learning, living, sports and leisure.

Colorful Extracurricular Life

Beihang University has a number of high-level and distinctive student art troupes, such as Dance Troupe, Marching Band, and Choir; more than a hundred student associations covering categories of humanities, arts, science and technology, practice, and sports; world-class college student model airplane team, national-level college student volleyball team and football team ...... waiting to be explored by you!