Notice on National Day Holiday 2021

National Day Holiday 2021 will be from October 1 (Friday) to October 7 (Thursday), 2021. During the holiday, all the courses will be canceled. Academic schedule on September 26 (Sunday) and October 9 (Saturday), 2021 will be carried out according to the normal timetable.

Currently, the global epidemic situation is still serious and the sporadic reported cases have caused clusters of outbreaks in China. Please pay your attention to health and personal safety during the vacation. It is suggested that you do not leave the city in which you are now and we encourage you to spend the holiday in your current place. Our warm reminders are as follows:

1. Avoid the regional mobility without any special reasons. Stick to the principle of “not going to medium or high risk area if not necessary”. Student who has plan to change current location, please report to school in advance.

2. Cooperate with the University continuously, to complete the daily report before 10:00am Beijing time everyday. Once you have the symptoms of fever or cough, you should go to the hospital wearing a mask immediately and report to your grade director instead of taking medicine by yourself. It is not suggested to take the public transportation on the way to hospital.

3. Cancel unnecessary parties. Do not hold or join in gatherings that many people attend. Maintain indoor air circulation and avoid closed and airless public places and crowded places. Wear masks if in a confined place.

4. Adhere to the regular prevention and control measures. Wear masks in a scientific way and do not gather in crowds. In public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, theaters, stadiums, buses, subways and airport lounges, please wear a mask, keep social distance, show your health code, and check body temperature as required.

5. Abide by the local laws and regulations and cooperate with the local government to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures.

6. Never use nor sell drugs. Cherish life and stay away from drugs.

7. Comply with traffic laws and regulations, pay attention to traffic safety, and strictly prohibit driving fuel motorcycles or unlicensed electric vehicles.

8. Improve the awareness of personal information protection, do not easily divulge important personal information, download the “全民反诈”APP, and improve anti-fraud awareness.

9. Observe the regulations of Beihang University and Foreign Students Dormitory. Please be aware of fire safety: do not smoke in the dormitory; do not use high-power electrical appliances. In case of emergency, please dial 010-82317110(Xueyuan Road) ; 010-61716000 (Shahe) to the Security Department of the university and contact the International School.

The contact information is as follows:


2021 Batch     Ms. Zhao Yixin

2020 Batch     Ms. Xiao Ge

2019 Batch     Ms. Zhao Yixin

2018 Batch and other Batch    Ms. Wang Yuanyuan


2021 Batch     Ms. Zhao Shuang

2020 Batch     Ms. Ding Jiahui

2019 Batch     Ms. Zhang Wanjie

2018 Batch     Mr. Gu Wei

2017 and other Batch     Ms. Xiong Ying

RCSSTEAP             Ms. Tang Qian

Chinese Language Training Center   Ms. Xiong Ying

Exchange Students  Ms. Yang Zhe

(Details of contact information have been notified before and unchanged.)

International School

September 26, 2021