Notice on "Warm Moments" 2021 Photography Competition

There are always some warm moments around us that you and I will always cherish in our hearts, giving us the courage and strength to face the difficulties. Let's work together to look forward to a promising tomorrow, and share those unforgettable moments around you by camera. International School invites you to take part in the “Warm Moments” 2021 Photography Competition. The requirements and details of the Photography Competition are as follows:

Item One: Qualification and Themes of Photo Works

1.Qualification of Participants

All international students studying in Beihang University, faculty and staff members engaged in the teaching, management and volunteering work for international students.

2. Theme of Photographic Works

As the theme of memorable and beautiful matters happened around you, the photography works advocate to pay attention to the connotation of the work and reflect the theme.

Item Two: Requirement of Works

1. All electronic documents are stored in JPEG or PNG format. The size of Photographic works taken by digital camera or cellphone should be more than 2000x1000 pixels. The resolution of the image should be no less than 300dpi. Photos taken by films should be scanned in the format of JPEG and data quantity should be no less than 1.5MB.

2. Photographic works are not allowed to be processed except the simple adjust of color and contrast or crop. Qualification would be canceled if the works made by computer composed, PS or plagiarizing a work created by other were found.

3. Photographic works should be taken within recent two years. Each competitor can submit3 photographic works at most.

4. All the works which submitted before to take part in Beihang Photography Competition, no matter be honored or not, are not allowed to submit again.

Item Three: Method of Contribution

Photographic works should be submitted by electronic files via email ( before 26 Nov.,2021. All works are required to be saved in one folder, the content includes the original copy of the photographic work and the basic information (includes the name of competitor, staff/student number, the subject of photo, shoot time and time, by camera or cellphone model, telephone number, email address) in a Word doc. If you need to submit more than one work in the same theme, please put all the basic information in ONE Word doc.. All the submitted works will not be returned whether the works are awarded or not.

Item Four: Rules for Selection the Works

The review team will evaluate and award the works made by teachers and students separately. The result will be published after 20thDecember, 2021 and the excellent works will be exhibited in the propaganda windows of International School.

Awarding grades are classified as first prize, second prize, third prize.

The participant should own independent and complete copyright of the work, and also guarantee that the work does not infringe any rights of the third party, including but not limited to copyright, right of portrait, right of reputation, etc. If any above legal problems happen, the author should bear the responsibility.Beihang International School will have the right to use all the submitted works without additional payment during the event and the related matters, including the exhibition, picture album and related derivative products for the promotion of Beihang University.

Item Five: Evaluation and Prize

The award for the first prize, second prize and third prize are 800 Yuan, 500 Yuan, and 200 Yuan respectively. There are also prize for outstanding works, as well as the prizes for all nominated works with award certificate.

Attention please: If more than one photo receive the prize,the award and the certificate only for the highest prize. The reward is paid only once.