Notice on the registration of Chinese Government Scholarship students in 2022 / 2023 academic year Beihang University

Dear students,

According to the latest requirements of China Scholarship Council, the following arrangements are made for the registration of all Chinese Government Scholarship students in Beihang University.

All Chinese government scholarship students who are able to participate in online or offline study in the 2022/2023 academic year are required to complete the annual registration. Please read the following notice carefully and complete the registration under the specified time and requirements accordingly.

1.Register via the Chinese Government Scholarship Information System

2.Time window: All students should complete your registration before 30th September 2022.

3.Registration method:

-How to log in. Please choose “Login with CSC No.” use your CSC number (13-digit number & letter combination, not the serial number) as the user ID, and use the password when you apply. Please do not try to use email to log in or create new account to log in.

-If you forget your CSC number, please check your admission notice. If you forget the password, please follow the instruction in system and reset it.

-If you want to apply retention for the scholarship qualification, please DO NOT register in the system.

4.Registration requirement.

-Important dates:All students must log in the system and complete your registration no later than 30th September. If you are not able to complete the registration due to some reasons, please contact the Admission Office of Beihang University International School via the email and providing your detail information such as full name, passport number, CSC number, your current location, and the reason why you are not able to complete the registration etc. before 20th September. The receiving email is

-The students who need to register in system including 202new intakes students and the students admitted before 2022 academic years. To be more accurate, 2022 new intake students include those who are admitted in 2020\2021 but applied scholarship retention for a year and should register in 2022 academic year;

-You must select the corresponding study method ONLINE/OFFLINE. If your current location is outside Mainland of China, you should choose ONLINE; if you are now in Mainland of China, you should still choose OFFLINE (subject to the location when you submit the registration).

-Please check your information carefully when you complete the registration. If your passport information is updated, please send the application for updating passport information to via email.

Please see the attachment below for the online registration operation guide in detail.

-Apply retention for the scholarship: For those students who admitted in 2022 but unable to enter China and have no condition to study online, need to submit the application first and have a retention upon the approval of Beihang University. For those who admitted in 2020/2021 and already applied a retention before, if still not able to enter China and have no condition to online study, you can also apply another retention this year. All retention should be approved by Beihang University. 

Applying method: Please download the APPLICATION FORM FOR PRESERVING ADMISSION QUALIFICATION via the official website of International School Beihang University. ( Download website: After filling the form with the requirements, please send to you decide to give up the admission offer,please also send email to The email should include your name, passport number, CSC register number and the statement of you give up the opportunity).


1.In addition to completing the registration in CSC system, All Chinese Government Scholarship students need to complete the registration in Beihang online registration system. New students refer to the requirements of "Guide for New Students 2022 Beihang University". Seniors please wait for further notice.

2. Students who already applied or plan to apply suspension do not need to complete online registration.

3. Students who already applied suspension and intend to return to China and the university should first complete the application for resuming study.

For the specific requirements of the application for suspension and resumption of study, please refer to the Notice on Application for Student Status Changes of CSC Students in detail.

4.According to the Chinese Government Scholarship requirements, for the students who have not yet enter China (including the batch of 2020, 2021 and 2022), scholarship will begin to be issued once they arrive in China, register on-campus and pass the required qualification review. If the above students have completed their studies outside China and graduated, the stipend will not be issued.

International School, Beihang University

September 2,2022