Notice on the Arrangement during National Day Holiday 2022

National Day Holiday 2022 will be from October 1 (Saturday) to October 3 (Monday), 2022. During the holiday, all the courses will be canceled. Academic schedule from October 4 (Tuesday) to October 9 (Sunday) 2022 will be carried out according to the normal timetable.

International School may have your attention to health safety and personal security during the vacation. Warm reminders are as follows:

1. All students on campus are requested to take the nucleic acid test on time (one test every three days), consciously implement all regulations on the epidemic prevention and control, insist on “not leave the campus unless necessary”. Students who need to leave campus for medical treatment, scientific research, examination, internship, or visiting relatives during holidays, etc, must fill the reasons of leaving and destinations specifically, completely and truthfully and make sure to return falls on the day you leave, go straightly during the outing, do not travel to areas related to the epidemic, such as the closed or controlled areas, not to gather or have a party, and do a good job of personal protection and insist on wearing masks through the whole process.

2. In principle, students in Beijing are not allowed to leave Beijing during the Mid-Autumn Festival. If you do need to leave Beijing, you must apply to the International School in advance and strictly fulfill the application and approval procedures;

3. Complete the daily report on time and truthfully every day; Once symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and coughing occur, please avoid contact with others, wear a mask, go to a designated hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible, and report to school in time. Attend class, and enter the laboratory without illness.

4. Actively cooperate with the school's epidemic prevention work, timely report the trip related to COVID-19, actively cooperate with the inquiry work, implement nucleic acid testing, health observation and other epidemic prevention requirements.

5. Strengthen self-protection, wear masks scientifically, Strengthen exercise, maintain regular work and rest habits to ensure the health of yourself and your family.

6. Abide by the local laws and regulations and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control measures of the local government.

7. Never use nor sell drugs. Cherish life and stay away from drugs.

8. Comply with traffic laws and regulations, pay attention to traffic safety, and strictly prohibit driving gas motorcycles or unlicensed electric vehicles.

9. Please be aware of fire safety: do not smoke in the dormitory; do not use high-power electrical appliances.

10. In case of emergency, please dial 010-82317110 to the Security Department of the university and contact the International School.

International School

September 30, 2022