Notice on the Arrangement during Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday 2023 starts from September 29 to October 7, 2023. During the holiday, all the courses will be canceled. Academic schedule on October 8 (Sunday) will be carried out according to the timetable normally.

The International School reminds all international students to pay attention to the health and personal safety of themselves and their families during the holidays, and arrange their studies and scientific research work reasonably. Vocation reminders are as follows:

(1) If students who need to leave the campus, please inform your leaving plan to your grade advisor one day in advance.

(2) If your visa or residence permit expires before October 8, please be sure to go to International School 405 on the morning of September 26 to have visa application;

(3) Pay attention to travel safety: refuse to take illegal vehicles to avoid accidents; Bring passport, visa, round-trip tickets, train tickets and other necessary documents, carefully check the period of validity; Do not go to high risk coefficient areas, and follow the command of staff in scenic spots; Pay attention to food hygiene, prevent physical discomfort or disease caused by unscientific eating habits and unsafe food;

(4) Strengthen self-protection, wear masks scientifically to ensure your health safety;

(5) Keep indoor air circulation and avoid closed or poorly ventilated public and crowded places;

(6) Strengthen exercise, maintain regular work and rest habits, and pay attention to physical and mental health;

(7) Abide by the local laws and regulations and cooperate with the local government to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures;

(8) Observe the regulations of Beihang University and Foreign Students Dormitory. Return late, Overnight staying in dormitory for your visitors shall be strictly prohibited. Do not be drunk. The use of high-power electrical appliances in student dormitories is strictly prohibited (induction cooker, electric oven, etc.) And keep quiet and clean in your dorm;

(9) Pay attention to traffic safety, personal safety as well as the property safety during the vacation. Make sure that you have closed doors and windows and turned off the water and electricity before leaving. Take good care of your identity documents (e.g. passport, student card, etc.) and the personal belongings;

(10) Pay attention to guard against telecom network fraud, install "全民反诈" APP, to protect personal privacy, and cultivate good payment habits;

(11) Students staying in China shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, never use nor sell drugs, cherish life and stay away from drugs. It is forbidden to buy or ride motor bicycles or electric bicycles exceeding the allowed standard;

(12) In case of emergency, please dial 010-82317110 (Xueyuanlu Campus) or 010-61716000 (Shahe Campus) for the Security Department of the university or 110 for the police, and contact the International School.

We wish you a happy vacation!

International School

September 22, 2023