Application on Extension of Scholarship Duration for Chinese Government Scholarship Students (Doctoral Degree Candidates)

According to the relevant notice of China Scholarship Council, we hereby inform you as follows:

1. Application Qualifications

Doctoral degree candidates who maintain good study record and good behavior, have not been listed in the 2024/2025 scholarship plan by their dispatching authority, have passed the scholarship annual review of this academic year, already completed the Literature Survey & Thesis Proposal, passed the mid-term assessment, the scholarship will expire in July 2024 or January 2025 (including doctoral degree candidates currently on suspension, and the scholarship will expire in January 2025), and not able to finish their studies on time due to special reasons, may apply for the extension of the scholarship duration. The application for extension is limited to one time only with the maximum length of one year. Students who have been granted extension previously are not eligible to apply again.

2. Application Procedures and Requirements

(1) The applicants should complete Application Form for Extension of Scholarship Duration (see the Attachment), including academic progress report. It shall state whether the Literature Survey and Thesis Proposal has been completed, whether the mid-term assessment has been passed, specify the necessity of applying for the extension of scholarship and the duration (one semester or one year). Submit the application form before April 25, 2024 via email to:, (Email subject: Student ID + English name +Scholarship Extension).

(2) The International School conducts the preliminary examination, and issues the "Orientation for Extension of Scholarship" to the applicants who pass the preliminary examination.

(3) The applicant who pass the preliminary examination shall participate in the 2024 Annual Review of the Scholarship according to the notices on Annual Review for Chinese Government Scholarship Students 2024, and submit the application on extension of scholarship in the CSC system.

(4) The supervisor issues the approval comments for Annual Review and scholarship extension application in the CSC system.

(5) Beihang University reviews and reports to the China Scholarship Council.

Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances. Ineligible or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The extension application will be reviewed by the China Scholarship Council for final approval.

Contacts: Ms HUANG, 82316196; Ms GAO, 82316488

Attachment: Application Form for Extension of Scholarship Duration

International School of Beihang University

April 22, 2024