International Student’s Team of Beihang University Finalist in “Aoxiang Cup” Chinese CubeSat and Mission Contest

Members of the International Scientific Society of Beihang awarded at National Satellite Competition in China

We are pleased to announce that the members of the Scientific of Beihang that participated on the “Satellite Design Contest” in China have been awarded with the "Second Prize" after a fierce competition during the final competition held in Xian on April 23rd. The competition gathered finalist proposals received from different universities all over China.

Awarded members in front of the poster

We want to congratulate the effort of our students, our advisors and the support of the International School of Beihang to let our students join in competitions of this magnitude.

Meet the team members:

Fatih Avci (School of Astronautics); Vahid Rastinasab (School of Astronautics); Maria Guarirapa (School of Electronic Information Engineering); Kamel Kerrouche (School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering); Faiza Arezki (School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering);
Meet the advisors: Prof. Wang Xinsheng (School of Astronautics), Prof. Marco A. Cabero (International School of Beihang University)

(Writer: Marco A. Cabero Ph.D.)