The International School fostering the Space Activities for International Students, this time is the Satellite Project

Beihang International students making their dreams come true. They have completed the proposal of the Satellite Project (SP-Beihang) for the countries along the Belt and Road…

Team members of the Satellite Project with the Dean of the International School Prof. Weng Jing Nong

On Wednesday, February 28th, 2018, after working for more than four months of work, our Proposal for the Satellite Project Contest was submitted. Twenty Students from more than 10 countries joined the team with the aim to work in a collaborative environment to design and propose a satellite project to be applied to the belt and road countries. As far as we know, this is the first time that Beihang Students participate in this kind of competition regarding the Space Technology.

Team members working at the New Main Building and at the International School of Beihang

On behalf of the team members and the International Scientific Society of Beihang, we thank Prof. Weng Jing Nong & Prof. Liu Na of the International School, Prof. Wang XinSheng of the School of Aeronautics for the support and guidance during the selection of the candidates and the preparation of the proposal.

Team members of the Satellite Project with their two Supervisors Prof. Wang Xin Sheng of the School of Astronautics and Prof. Marco A. Cabero from the International School

“We hope that more opportunities like this can be created for foreign students. We had the chance to learn more from each other, to proof our ideas and to show that we can contribute positively to Science and Technology in Beihang. Working during the winter vacation was challenging but I did not feel it extenuating because I wanted to do it”. Vahid RASTINASAB (Satellite Project Student’s Technical team leader)

“We aim to share the outputs of these works with the scientific community continuously. The most important thing is not the destination of this project. The journey of the project is important than the targets. With all, I am very happy to be a pioneer China's joint efforts on small satellites, especially in cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road”. Fatih AVCI (Satellite Project Student’s team leader)

“Dear team, once again we have proved that a student’s endeavor success is a joint effort. This is our legacy to show how we can work together in harmony and peace to achieve a common goal. Thank you all for your efforts. The results can be seen now”. Marco A. CABERO (Supervisor Satellite Project)

“We hope that our foreign students can achieve more success in the space field. Congratulations for your great efforts”. Prof. WANG Xin Sheng (Supervisor Satellite Project)

“Congratulations for your achievements, keep your work at best”. Prof. WENG Jing Nong (Dean International School)

Writer: Marco A. Cabero

Edition: Liu Xu, Zu FuHao