Notice on New Year Holiday 2021

New Year Holiday 2021 starts from January 1, 2021 (Friday) to January 3 (Sunday). All courses will be canceled on January 1, 2021 (Friday). Academic schedule on January 2 (Saturday) and January 3 (Sunday) will be carried out according to the timetable.

International School may have your attention to health safety and personal security during the vacation, especially under the current situation that sporadic cases are emerging in China and the continuous development of global pandemic. Warm reminders are as follows:

1. Avoid unnecessary trips without any particular reasons. Stick to the principle of “not leaving school, Beijing and leaving overseas, and not going to medium and high risk area”,if  Students who have plan to change current location, please contact your grade advisor to submit an application in advance;

2. Cooperate with the University continuously, and complete the daily report before 10:00 am (Beijing time) every day; Once symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and coughing occur, please avoid contact with others, wear a mask, go to a designated hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible, and report to school and the community in time;

3. Keep indoor air circulation and avoid closed or poorly ventilated public and crowded places. Wear masks if necessary;

4. Abide by the local laws and regulations and cooperate with the local government to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures;

5. Never use nor sell drugs. Cherish life and stay away from drugs;

6. Comply with traffic laws and regulations, pay attention to traffic safety, and strictly prohibit driving gas motorcycles or unlicensed electric vehicles;

7. Improve the awareness of personal information protection, including protecting important personal information, downloading the “全民反诈”APP, which is to strengthen your anti-fraud awareness;

8. Also, please be aware of fire safety: do not smoke in the dormitory; do not use high-power electrical appliances. In case of emergency, please dial 010-82317110 to the Security Department of the university and contact the International School.

The contact information is as follows:


2020 Batch       Mr. Guo Jie

2019 Batch     Ms. Zhao Yixin

2018 Batch     Ms. Wang Yizhou

2017 Batch     Mr. Zu Fuhao

2016 Batch     Ms. Liu Xu


2020 Batch     Ms. Wu Jingni

2019 Batch     Ms. Xiong Ying

2018 Batch     Mr. Gu Wei

2017 Batch     Ms. Zhao Shuang

2016 and other Batch     Ms. Xiong Ying

RCSSTEAP             Ms. Yang Fan

Chinese Language Training Center   Ms. Xiong Ying

Exchange Students  Ms. Yang Zhe

(Details of contact information have been notified before and unchanged.)

International School

December 29, 2020