Notice on the Arrangement during the Winter Vacation 2021

Winter vacation 2021 will start on January 18 and end on February 28, 2021. New semester will start on March 1, 2021.

Office hours of the International School during the winter vacation:

Normal office hours, January 18 to January 24, February 22 to February 28.

8:30-11:30 a.m., 2:00-5:00 p.m., January 25 to February 21 (Except Saturday, Sunday and the Spring Festival holidays)

During the winter vacation, the classrooms in the International School will be closed.

The International School reminds all international students and classmates to pay attention to the health and personal safety of themselves and their families during the holidays, especially when the global epidemic continues to develop, and arrange their studies and scientific research work reasonably. Holiday reminders are as follows:

1. Cooperate with the University continuously, and complete and submit the the daily Health Daily Report during the winter vacation before 10:00 am (Beijing time) every day on time.

2. Try to avoid regional movement for special reasons.

3. Strengthen self-protection, wear masks scientifically to ensure the health of yourself and your family.

4.Keep indoor air circulation and avoid closed or poorly ventilated public and crowded places.

5.Strengthen exercise, maintain regular work and rest habits, and pay attention to physical and mental health.

6.Abide by the local laws and regulations and cooperate with the local government to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures.

7.all students staying in school stick to the principle of "not leaving school unless necessary", and are not allowed to leave school except for special circumstances such as emergency, importance, and inability to handle it by themselves.

8.For the students staying in China, if your visa or residence permit expires before February 28, please contact your advisor and visa teacher to make an appointment before January 22.

9. International School wants to call your attention to traffic safety, personal safety as well as the property safety during the summer vacation. The advice is as follows:

(1) Observe the regulations of Beihang University and Foreign Students Dormitory. Overnight staying in dormitory for your visitors shall be strictly prohibited. Do not be drunk. The use of high-power electrical appliances in student dormitories is strictly prohibited (induction cooker, electric oven, etc.) And keep quiet and clean in your dorm. In case of emergency, please dial 010-82317110 for the Security Department of the university, and contact the International School.

(2) Students staying in China shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, never use nor sell drugs, cherish life and stay away from drugs; and comply with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control.

(3) Make sure that you have closed doors and windows and turned off the water and electricity before leaving. Take good care of your identity documents (e.g. passport, student card, etc.) and the personal belongings.


We wish you a happy vacation!

International School

January 15, 2021