Proactive User-Centric Attribute-Based Semantic Access Control for a Mobile Cloud

                Topic: Proactive User-Centric Attribute-Based Semantic Access Control for a Mobile Cloud

                Time:10:00 -11:00, Friday, June 24,  2016

                 Place:F706, New Main Building
                 Lecturer:Professor Meikang Qiu


                As one of the most significant issues in the financial industry, customers' privacy information protection has been considered a challenging research over years. The constant emergence of the novel technologies often leads to a dynamic threat from both internal and external service providers. We consider the implementations of mobile cloud-based financial services an important approach of service provisions, which also causes risks to privacy protections due to the data sharing with the unknown third parties. The data generated by mobility are usually associated with mobile users' personal privacy information. This talk addresses this issue and proposes an approach proactively protect financial customers' privacy information using Attributed-Based Access Control (ABAC) as well as data self-deterministic scheme. The proposed approach is called Proactive Dynamic Secure Data Scheme (P2DS), which aims to guarantee the unanticipated parties cannot reach the privacy data. There are two main algorithms supporting the proposed scheme, which are Attribute-based Semantic Access Control (A-SAC) Algorithm and Proactive Determinative Access (PDA) Algorithm. The main contributions of our approach have three aspects. First, we propose a semantic approach for constraining data accesses. Second, we propose a user-centric approach that proactively prevents users' data from unexpected operations on the cloud side. Finally, the proposed scheme has a higher-level secure sustainability since it can deal with dynamic threats, including the emerging and future hazards. We have examined that our proposed scheme had a quality performance matching our expected goal.



                Meikang Qiu received the BE and ME degrees from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and received Ph.D. degree of Computer Science from University of Texas at Dallas. Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and Associate Professor of Computer Science at Pace University.  He is an IEEE Senior member and ACM Senior member. His research interests include cyber security, cloud computing, big data storage, hybrid memory, heterogeneous systems, embedded systems, operating systems, optimization, intelligent systems, sensor networks, etc. A lot of novel results have been produced and most of them have already been reported to research community through high-quality journal and conference papers. He has published 5 books, 330 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers (including 150+ journal articles, 180+ conference papers, 50+ IEEE/ACM Transactions papers), and 3 patents. He has won ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electrical Systems (TODAES) 2011 Best Paper Award. His paper about cloud computing has been published in JPDC (Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Elsevier) and ranked #1 in Top Hottest 25 Papers of JPDC 2012. He has won another 10 Conference Best Paper Awards in recent years. Currently he is an associate editor of 10+ international journals, including IEEE Transactions on Computer and IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing. He is the General Chair/Program Chair of a dozen of IEEE/ACM international conferences, such as IEEE HPCC, IEEE SmartCloud, IEEE CSCloud, IEEE BigDataSecurity. He has given 100+ talks all over the world, including Oxford, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale University. He has won Navy Summer Faculty Award in 2012 and Air Force Summer Faculty Award in 2009. His research is supported by US government such as NSF, Air Force, Navy and companies such as GE, Nokia, TCL, and Cavium.