Linear System Theory covers the key topics of the control field, providing the background for advanced modern control design techniques and feedback linearization, and examines advanced foundational topics such as multivariable poles and zeros, and LQG/LQR. The contents of this course include system representation, stability, controllability and state feedback, observability and state estimation, and realization theory. More concretely, the schedule is given as follows:

Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Linear System (8 class hours)

Chapter 2 Controllability and Observability of linear system (10 class hours)

Chapter 3 Standard Form and Implementation of LTI System (10 class hours)

Chapter 4 Design of State Feedback (8 class hours)

Chapter 5 Output Feedback,Observer and Dynamic compensator (8 class hours)

Chapter 6 Linear Time-varying System (2 class hours)

Chapter 7 Stability Analysis of Control System (8 class hours)

It should be noted that the teaching period of each chapter will be adequately adjusted according to the actual situation.